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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 13, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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tenspun toanrent s d x ctos. l day owed-y nsto n er c y edgai n >> ithe st dedeai t 1% ie saw comerisee mehan t arteof a% miion w mese m dolanrs te amin ol ea. th is wh nds toay leea tas? th >>set, whe t no1% of ieom eataers arica >>, tho tf imaki atleas eas aca $3800ho kit as ar p alst0%38f arica pl aca tas. whilbott 5 tho ta iltt 5 meho or ls tn% of t m l tof t revee. if t bh ta c ve t b expe,ta c thiss axprosptepubcans is y defact taxonspmallubns dectaxll sinees ne >> hf of the iome th wode xe und t hincrofse wheld b in imeerom h the allwo nd t sine cr w bnom e lmeri .ne >> t pla pri frwary ul rn s tsla the p pax f raar for busesse a
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r in svidus athe 25 ra or the uspartsean c amissn inesiddut obata aoint5 remmen d a e rt cssop idob antate reenabetwn e 23-2. alofhe pns spkin onetw way -2 al psp othetone shnk t y va extsionndtax beak he h an tprest dfere sceniosvaxtoron tx oth se bk ofhean ledesr; dre en namsy,fedel tth s ofedamde endi. >>armfnt bn do thi so-cled thto di >>mf bdo phispery -cd bere p er lea kyrketi beficibecaef ea the upplyrti sideogma thcicalower teshe pland gherevenss fa edemah weer t t lst d erenshreefa t l deces.eeec. >>ow dyou exct help theob sker? >> d u x klpw of e n natn txing s itr? way koof e nnomiat psper it if ergumt s ndsy mili emiit per sho d i f umt ss li domitedho miterm i an lke mid du sesion orm cgresan l toy's mttdu byes p oside ces oba eures tha t tos bus mby pde er ob e taxeshaut t wilfiguus omin tly theerextax
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o.p. sat hca manu cle er cp.irs e ngreionablac nule cs rena caccus. the areeoplhere in e hoe wave a ctakes. in thishe breauseplre weineprent ho wgnifant vertio a of tke i poislati b inseere iftht iof t potin coury. >> rublins unimoly vodtoou mov.orwa tany r lie umo exctedvoovwa y to exedoppo thsdayo >>e to the vors tpot thth isay a old>>to phencip.vo t yotcan' be,if ths yo c'td be pip fateyol ann'stroe, and gtingyo ce smlehin teanrond g howngar y sm sml geing nggerow y hingsmgeg er >>reshnonseativ inteto rortng bythe >>shseiv no artiten bu ret oticeby sayie it ould recethe noficitibu oe yit lde $2 mieion, becse ci theyakelace inhe fute $mi n, ecor toughccouing eyecenut ticks. t gh ou a fgctio o whaas tks edge fio ondha ge pomis and acti ofhat the sd we pwoulisdelianr in tifthe seuts theulliypicinules ots eicdditn des osubtctiodon'peraitn inbtion'ra was ngtoin
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>>ivemoats inedhe asto gpon t predur vot >>chaian othemos ed fcally mogpratelue t drur deotcrat ai o e expe mor ftoll bache mote e dckagof tdeat bget tom rowpeorac and rkwith theepub cansag t on buturt pomndinw d thheubns onur pin cts. >> wlaidutth c. nchmk fo $4 illi in wid hm fo4 lin cts. c. in tnext tenear mst by 20 t.xten >>t pu thear decratin m b li wit the isca20 >>commpudatihe to detat liitheca triion mmtio fr t rin $1trilonebt ren yea mr t oba r iste it$1ilorbt mohs b todea mrropodba r te ting i2 yars. mo b od thatstillpod a g i far yrys. fro at llpaulyanplan aut $6 tarllioin a dece,rohich come upulorn aan vo tio aec oic me avorid o. i tnk pidl ryaet the bar erms of the t pya kd ofhe taet w eed r o mmstf ae kf riouta wdo m aevidt tt i ou requed. id t so ie huse vo s nqu. thi year bud t to rrowo nde he nexto ar'shi arudgudtoow
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xt 's fday. dgstrae anbusy me. >>hank y. fy. stks we u raansy . >>nk sl yhtly st w u tay.lly thdow gned teveny. sdaqinisd thheadw 1 gd en buness posd aqisad 1 bussos .1 blion- 3.1illi job enin thi fbrua bon .1 lihight nuer b inhi fuasinc ghnu 200nc the00 e 1/2eop th mpetg foeach j. reta 2opales etfo ichreas in j rch tat iou takutes i asin galinealesheain w h i onlyakne-tth o ganees ain w ly-t ooint a e pre of golin edg up 2ents ornig.nt pr naofonal gin adgragesp 2ts oig $81 a naal age $ gaon. ude l gaed 8 ga. e cen. weill nd o whga s 8e decratare enalin wit h ewell o wh ac ssatis oflip-oppi de at e er tin debitt e actiofp-pi ilin teb thatsater ihe apeve. in st aad at.s. er iflyi ssioev oveliby or a it . noyi iovebyr it no
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re sll biness chse verin wiless an a s oth b esrelech car er.ri wiss whe's sie is ahe ethecti youle ar. whs e beisuse eey ktiw ou e sml buness th t bestechbelogye krule smbuss teschgy le eveen ythi ke i evn hi i meeith. 's befulncrebiteme th de wh whesomgrai real eef, b evul carrets ate pea wwhomai alf,evar aea yolovehe sllerize, ea-to-ew kbles yove sere,eao- kes an i lo e caohydtes r engy and oteifor scle anlo cayds en d eir le oa! it f me! ha-h younly ink yore gtingpoil. ! fe! -houy kyo g[ wongn anilunci ] benel inedibes. anotr he thfuwo anavorcil be inib. othefu orbel. w in connienbag. inonen g.
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>> bt: cckinheadnes. icidbomb kild te peop in af anis bn. cinads. idcal mbliceiltehief sai i opn afis taetedeeti of l thceef ai tr ial eers. e watased lleditti fve tr es. wa ed schoboys hoys eyewness saithe arm soiers anewssaiermoli fed li somunirson a tea gan ali f iprotters on persni was aea g kled. a larg antotoverrsent onrsas kd. de nstrion s alrg stadntert inhe cital li anebede atrn alsometa in n oin careal sgest g thli.s. eould a kemen s nonge rol i e s thestth. ld mili ry sgeol eff irthe at t curnt res bject o t cousiour r nnorowel ec sts o ioiout or elfrom s om bghaz >> t pengon offials todannoced baz u.splan tenn ff lscontue t stre l yan
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lliaatla jnessonhe rehome fcopot ge iat jss foxns.cospeclrept. bu firsme orm eptia xnco precidenephosn bu mubrsaks in rmate eia cus dyoniprt.ensnub nng-teuler esus ni instigedor -t a nbererof amnted criins.ig coespoenlela n lelrd vittt haam dedailsri fr copolael ttha d lscairr >> uhinkle tee mth ag ir toy, e ptia unk t m rt poceag heldack rowd astohe eia rvestatorhaulpo t ld kwd foser pside sonto jai stor ul in cro. t jo ingfo th prdeonaiathe hos c. mubajok, tg subct othheos wi-ranng i esti tionba tub o in coupti ihe swirongan ition n's incoti i 30-us sng yea eigns bara c0-ecke hielfn hoeaitaln shgnm el-eikh yeraerda c ke claihingf h hadhoalsh hea al-ackkh ye dawhil ai ansring had iestitorsea ack ilnsng itirs qution a docrac upring foed qu onbarafromffi in dra pr buthis mon raomfirottersn br. retuedbuison to totrirrsqua tu fridto t drandi instiguaionsn murak d id hisons ddilleg rofiinerinignsmuk at me t hiamins ang theeg chesfiinin m t egyit. ahe lesshan4 hoess tergy t
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al ged ssartno ttacr t t nepape ald tere eaclrea t llinitnepe mysry. re whiltheris aeaossility in tonsweng tys q.stio il prered t strsfulsityor the towe t q ioform predentn t treepr ttr inulhe rmrent tee in croost ppleeel he isoo si cot peol shool or he thi isi cas solr hiail. as>> his n sic ether dayl.e was h nic erayieras >> idon' belveand i dn'tr i belin'eeld dtt. li in t pt f ars t p f s murak' hemuk' teriated therote cngede ever hingried t de ite e tte i cestiedtion ma erng degyptens bel tvehey ition ll nmaer fdptely n f jtice >> g somind of j --ce w ar i d't kw.df -- doe wit me ur a gry?ar. >> es. d k repter: he oe m gypan ay? >>. my t ch relyepookr: or yp the untr whe mubak ft t andlyok o prosedwift emoc tice trheub formheadf drodftoc elction. rme ciadzens apprto now
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lmandonore d cinsppow nde oon.on kingheew iestition wond if it'nou to ng te iti toonqua ndgainft'outo tfox ws. >> ret:tilltoa aadin stinto x .see >>t:ll if a tmerin in nuclr plt caeold nif t ri pan yle clplca dister.ld n ne w tal n eto oneisr. one wal nepresent'top ecomic o adsor out elan alest' pco wic the m sivead fedr alt wihe mveedt. it'sain lief witht thpill pil, noain. ho'scan n u geefpaineliethth ll ilnon. witht tang p ls hoaroun thegelockinie th tatry perma re houtwraheck foall y reef thou pilly ma hra was rpri d, fol ermarere w ked l daoull s ri yo feelhe hmat. a w itd dalaxe and lockthe scle yoel h at xed cke le u'veot ttry . man thercare more ffecve fve bac tpainy an t maxn um derere reof aectami fphenacin e me cinen ty d to erma re.c a todmien menetyl. foa $3 ff cpon.o ma .cod ermare. fo$3 cn. no pls. pai jusreli. ma. p. aiusli
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bre i wt tocoet yl. krst yor rctin tore ha ou repr enta ve prel w ryto's y retion o tt ro prprestaent' pry reon t esspeet'. sang inead w t weee g s apeec tha sasind we g part shen a ec haand accuste noteadehip omrt h pridenbut liti l d brcudsid fro c mpaiterdep inprent ti bridro cai n chf. ba chie pnned th eech-chasicly hanne ba hi e sp pch sedingtht wn't ch- ic haccute a didt hneve sp sg wt cu aid h tail i'm srry if chrmanyan dn'tilike epeec at 'm s y ifwe ahan couanryshou b 't e focuecd on is theubsnce a ou deil.ou at t esid tcuuton fwardhebse toy wa de. a t id frd toeriwasatch heeive aebteducon pn thatould recerich defitheveytuc p atld e triionver 12ef rinr2earsrs lls for $3 speing uts for e biorrtistax$3 refrmnd pupegnor pla biis ughxef putrigr la enfoemenmechsm t h me ig re tt nmatt wh foench t happs wi m coness te n e ttwh ouebt ppwionsecling he shar ou o ou ecobtmy. anpuli in urth e
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orcearnt otoouco .ntro t an lonntermth ece heal ro tonrmost. alt. thiss riou pla theris lo o pe leisons ou lae reblic sid tha de er lo o toh deesion eresi nt greveicidha f rm sptochdeon abousi g th. t wh f spshou focu ngou th ons acouny otwh ou nameallicu or at ttone on un a parcula melir t spchne arla ws.sp w t a cnce to ce togher th a seous bpartan a credueion toan. c og r bre let et ises brthe du n .eds re. reu meetionea-1 rat if endi s t.o tmene thathe pside di t t tlkedhi at pde t edabou ou wh ihe baline esidt buet i thewh i basene? bane >> silaro th bip tisaidbu ihe scalommiion d se? call sarth ip sar adtion triion al min doars disetioryll adonrin dos isio spenng. over2-ye priod en. erndye pod addionalbillns in en tlem t pdiograalike ll dican and micai enem
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tr plionraolla oe rductn ca anndintest mai tronla rctost ante th an adtion triion doars thereveesthat thndonriwen do hos hevet mesut ofiparsan ho tax formf ichthe ides f arn ducex rm tax h eendedeures enou thaou c cebothax ler end es tes d ouillha hel cth low lhe fici s l>> rublins ael sayg ifow youse the ci c r bliseli aayif i's yo ehe mo of a c bline--one i mof rio. e->> tnet isustot t cas not e ca r.o. tist t >>asret:ll t ca r ht.>>t: ta abo pjectn. r. wh12ears i tead oftabo e pct whrs inormadf t n? rm ifouant t tal t t yrs if t it tal t rductn pl y en it ars t4 trlionas bn rctpl thtarg s bys ttron b birtis fisl thrg c smissn. by it t w pa biisislf at casss it wairm ryapasf rmya pposa pe prsaidenwant to y we belie wean gehere a prennt o we wteo gethere m re liwe e carerelly a mak sree wet ren't mderme stngthf threy ak r sover we mke sre we
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t canrmstth th rerwetill m inst swe nn ings tolln doo cpete gs w th do cna ctend we otr cpetirsnd mke cre ae form ot cti mnd a rengen mecare ndrm mecaide doso in ngyotmere meid do rshlnr ifti cts hl oti ose ast le c to aord th. >>ret:he p sidee calt to ard $2 illi inth spein >>t: p de alcut d $1 illi n2 li h igher pe tarevee t elinatg1 lin her taveelat deduion. triion defduitn. rectio >> 1 trrilionn ro theef ls re iotere sving >> tratonis whyhee l gs re sng $4rilln. hy g $4ll $3 blionn -- $3 i very bon $1-- oiparsantax $3form i ry bre arehe browi oarnx rm rere b wicost 33 >> ts iow t msth3 t i wks. t mis mpoant outny plan we h we. ripongt t an hentert i rt ohe fure fecaser allof us,heth you ore uesid ft obasa or th hse ls, thpublouans,e'rell dling
6:26 pm
idwithobhat.orth h onofhe iorta bleasos,re dng that e theedt. to pon tord ita so serisefic atdo peducoon risic uc pls t plstop trontr iralg cosof intestnop e od nals heos y punttn rwarthe eriode dicit n ypu areio dit rectio wheer o the spenng o renue se, itreiohe ohe es ao a the ensame o tim rue s brindownthe a ahemeim pject in wnintest csthic pct te c isics fortate currce fm e de aefic the esid trte rr f inhited de a ic >> bhet: trewere taxid commdati innhed decit nd b treax bt mmtinet cmissn. the pesidt reyto go th f? css hehealke p aboid teo th ftax hekebo t refo. thdebt comssio hadx a opos forfothre brketthofbtomioad come ta 1osorrert22 2ith mea ewed 1 dedtion 2 thenth cpora incetax edo edp iton bet en 2en crancxo and itet 2 29 nd cling9 lphol. clg ishe pridenread o
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wn t lt rool? is >>he prsideen didad ot t tro to predge h >> the p bdeartiidn t ta refm wod toree h comhe bti taefwo ouom he ds n asktheroce tu prode as much d nevenske ce vings asod taschen ngiparsanas t scalommiionid. t hear didnsk that almin. proce heidha me. so we aro ont.buti we a ntdeftti is i a we ler rat a refo theftax c . i athiss seethi l thaatas a don wth the emocfots ahe c is s thhirepuhaicanat on whe eoc a thpuanabl bl we uerstd thgoal cawe lwer ta u exstndittheal to ler tca raso pe llerta haveowerexit l ttaxrae veer ra?xra d heowe thebt. he >>ret:hankou f twetht. >>me.t: nk f >> thank y .. >>nk >>oes e y plet dervehe me rhts th y hav>>s pl dthatve nex on the r gspevi.h yav
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
iniecestf kerehr legrslatigo. ba to inceegtiou bao >>ret:hankou. wel alyze predentbama >> t: nkecon.ic pn, t newweone and azere nt reacon tma i enhe f on p t ew alestarndjoineafte the ac t eak. f alarintehe k. is potive potive ipove we' gon havpo veaaby. e'onav ay. ♪ ♪ ♪ no whei waa li b ♪♪nohewali b♪ ♪ at e agof 5♪ ♪t ag 5♪ ♪i hasomein' my cket♪ ♪hame' y et♪ [ ma annncer the
6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
rtunely bried ts du n. shotswell un y >>riret: tell,he presotent'big eechodayll a lf >>actit: onl, a est' g chdes.ay tri lion the tin n at 12 s. rin he n12 yes. publans mpinonhe 12 ye ye perd beuse usuablys in it a2 n-ye bee th isuane of theit ctiqu .yeyc brg inths the pal.he jo fun cqu brinolumsthepa jo for "unall reetum jrnal a.b.or "l et sodda, asciat j al itor f b.eill a syicat sdaasatoluist arle or kraulamme awho s swn syatlut le aumeo itiqs. i tughtt w a dirace iq rary eard a tpeecht w a di ce esidt so ar rdallo soec idso hypepartan a so loo inllecally pert dis anesto tsidthe stoup o in ecly wes ofresintiaiselecston whide yoe u ap a oowed to cwelofsiiaec yo opp ent ythiwh shoyo a a ed of tratoor. c yoppt hiho weofe yera-and.-halaway om ectioday and i was suosed weoye ndalay seech abt eioynd ias sued schab poli. heidn' ev g to hisown lialte ativuntihe mon'ev t gnois hanway roug teiv ttimo t spehah.y ug whhe tid hrewpe out wh
6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
scio 2%. r ry at 25%. f obamdid is knong t 2t thry ist a5%ay lay t amd no tis ths y t ba. itas a speh tt ba wasit remaable anpe t how demogicits mawas.le i shatow thll demic reect. s. >>ret: sat d ret. >>t:.b.?.? >> wl, aou kn w h sto a s clm o the bh tax cu.n h toat's nonarte f cl orepuicanhe b thataxs s ethi thacu lls 'son te well fnde lievpu hean c at stakehio tha ne s predentl ll el tioneve c publ ans kee no t goi tere nt give elon on bls nooi tha t re tvenhat, hn setup aha figh ton micart, as h crleset gh ces heeeded toreasre t lft te int.he spchto prervehethede t as t mecare lnd micai asth insp titlrentvee pgram mere mais tl gutante gov pnmenam pvide guteoven pde befit. at w't bet. cnged bre i w wt o pl t soun be ced re wt al t rctio to un bsenar corn. a r >>ioheirolan sentlly
6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
rsr mecareille rmove uaundeeetheyanef pn. lon mereel risve pdesideen p on "h wn't letit hppen pde a fhte wlake o to wtet hshorenup t suort rom f wke oto e or tsutm ft. ied to s ak tohe inpendt vors sing . dignong tto def sitroblo is inndvo sotg no tefbl is psibl it ems keaisi o pbl the tasand he ft ghts onsi o dicath andad ftroteing cand it,teg it doest se lik getngtot, cialecurty wa big he esse ik etspee. itidn' tak upal muurwafig the sp ch. ee t ses titn'eak fmewo ofuhe ecti camign.sp. >>here sse n t muce g fdwo nef the spech tiamn. >>utre the nuc ge hepeishe so. let'talkabou th. o mohs a heso ha a t'lkou mullan othbudt a mo d an'te ha aaddrs th iue. ll oud th ae is dt drth i. th pisopos. thpresent s a go ide ey wt l phtos onhe sthredest ao de co w l ofon s aediculral coof aull suidiaes e pridenalso the i suemeriang prensohe i coensuin shin on t t ther coorat o
6:45 pm
sutax te a in tthcoat hrtin x us, a mpetors. the esidt di't h hein s, detas. aig ets. e iddi hista. ta t the iaonseus w shtald ha t refthm, i weri ratese w and shlosi thea tef riatndsihe loople. thudg h an op. th acllesdg heel h heanepossn theconoacces grow rat el tha os i he owat ha 5%in n iinal alc. term nal givehe is doihin t ppre theobrm ves creoiion,in t incling ts o re hheher tas, kkingre un, p rcenclgeg o hr ta kng u tes pakenen bythe gornme fro thisticen 18% be gomero tost8% 21% i dot thianyo1% liev i there rlist.o is i buinhiyo rev hed r st cott andy iui >> thi joh is ttdy n n an>>hioh is enou. iouldt crit h n w h ou. ildcr h w anytng. yt. th arell invted. thre dn'tnvd. venythg dernth tm. the greef
6:46 pm
't the thmendity rn t this hee ee gahe imndessiy tha is atgahemsi replicareha opos g isohang mecare tday.ep ca iton't afftthe sen rosisng alancemere t ty.ay. it't ff iteen w't afctalce abody ty. unr th ryanit replica wf opos a.dy un tthanepca afctin os aybodafin aod undethege of dee 5 heade it o und li 5our heannyes uiter dliur ny uttac headet und le buac taxhee d lt.bu th isbout t formx the aack was thsutenda tous. rm was inentedecau a thackas is trgumt hdas.ikes snedauha to tum hes makeo >>he bto line is ike anne bieve i>>tould b bin s th ieconic picyo ma an bve ithe btldcris b andhe thon pya budt e overngisnd tter i 18 mohs theyude wrg. erwe'l hav er i8 months of ey wryellg an 'lav pitic mhsof llan psturicg. thatshat thepeec owed bre las thinur bore at politcs ohe thiec ed a ., reasin b e enrsed n a li o wahi gg ofsix a
6:47 pm
effos. en the de acratandhreea gf xrepuican sen ors worfong thde toatetdometeeng on puanens tor fre to et owork b th defitebt tfr mmison, ying e wa rk bthefbt is, ngwa borringecoendaon o the bt coissi hi rr g cobut da dsn't o soulike the e cosihi ng o t d'toukehe s oade aot of s hewayne t airf hey t famewk. >> t ganof sixwas sir f ewpriz toear tboutan davixs irploueoing on sun yizohowsar sautngave ll ake aoue spengh on onunwshe fici sae e ape on cieducon. e cas fmhe whious yinginisucyour. blurint ca fbecame werehi goiuso ln ng ison iur lu ntbut ey wren't ady ndca we neoiroont lted i t w then' w tey nentd he ho we. th don wathei pla ed t theresint i aho thonaeila t wahesi i a ey tnk y asciatn th oma fra workillwaill th t epubascanat orarklll thubnuppo. eyon' ve athinpo reyle aftn' he ster ain ree ft er ress. theyantctio oci curi, whreh is. eyt sioethi cithat t
6:48 pm
riwhis predentoest snt thi d l w t bre wou youreayntes high tax to t h dlp w inease the rebt?ouou voten the onlghe poax.o hin se e relt a ase ? mtion te enl thpopolics bind all o re a s th whe m weon cme bk. thli bdll o thhee c b ev wisvegebles did'tastso vetab? evisgeesd'st vab wellv8 vusiojuic ves u a llll s vvingio icof v etabs, pl a fl ses inga sof fngit. vab t itust tast likfrui pl fseg f. v8whati'tyourumbest ikui v8at 'urbe
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6:52 pm
weon't hao srifi the s fiamera weelie in. we't a as lgs sfihe i pre dent erweien. w l irent w won' n' whawe hrd tay w not polical learshi itas ha h po ttica w oadsotero e lilea hit caaign poca inds cagn cief.n no cf. cncidce whthey lachedhe cpaig no we la cchedidhe eortho eythe de andlaed def citignder cowerol laed e tand t cono dendeferol d norowi.wi a nber oplenote at ve pside bid nr lete wa v pde idmeditingbouthe sechwa abt th predent pla or di ngtireut sh ab thtrentlaor re sur t d to sw iefo w gour backohe patol son to wliti.go hn, o i winckngand a losi t t polical ti , iin bated si tolal re? theatyan dgethang tes of debe ? heinn etng teofeb waingt. thats w theresint wagt at w smedhesi w o. sm
6:53 pm
>> bt: pnt o he had the tatef ohe ion, b t pn oe ad hi buet. e te bo opptuni es tn,o t rely wt he u. bo dppni t re whe to heayser i mylan it loed heorces i donmyhinan lo eiter sice wl onin dge. thpresent itll toi whe 2012 e. cpaigth asest cla toarri 12d cigas thla reblics arrigoing go inayith were wic'tar buein on t onyiwe wbu t whsoev.whev foany ince brket. that theay itwill pla fo yt.ncbrt. present sti ing athet ll laobamare d say estt tig ill ame contn thayealtarll ntthost. ltat i bomin lssndt. gislion kely i b>> bint: l.b. >> tre a thrsl n lyoppounit s to c be toheb. t ahr poito c ble.o he ignedit and en te. the "ste ogn the unin"nnd jaary d itgai he th heuppe"sd
6:54 pm
thisjasy owitaihe thepedin und ng fis the febrry bundetndfhe t brewu t pl. theris sethi to bak pl aleme, ias er t shiome io b thnext two emonth i t canme sit iarou to alkthxttw thout e rublins pposangit ou oe seinglkof theush t rli taxos cut r wethy. seg thhesh iwoax yearomow t wey. thay iea oom 20hean' ph at toughhe ooten20 n' congss. p wh we' talngbou t nghte is ng. wat rewhe' talou n isonceions w at t t demratsill giv repuicanto jcen nsn t em tscreall on eiv dt puan j ilin anea aven d uhinkle? goinrnme shuow wasve unk? go messibhu. th issotoss le.ib e rethbliciseadehip knowt deoplss. wh f dreic thr cadeaignpre owreakg oupl owh f th bthindcagn thceneak thatous a delinethhat bsdth ne comi. at asfonig tere isdenenot mi bennin ofasigon t kes ss. >> ibehinkinarryf reias a k pl s toet t de lit inkryei roug athe nate. pl oifno t setore lbjec y uge te dot nee 60 voter assec y
6:55 pm
e de lim .do ee doit witot mpless majity. de >>imret:esyou do tlit me leaj y. the burnr som ody>> it:uot t meing t e rn objomt?y i wel the the g tnus falnbj e rubli ns. el he hethatsrobayusal wt har r li .reidants at ba >>ret:harl? w ar i d't kw hany idimests heets >>t:rl t sw g o d k hyes he thesall tswg o foreeoplecogze hshe lnoterio aut t reebt.plog h.b. tointio out a the had at. commsionnd .ntgnor iutad and a "s te o themmnionon he dn' useor i the wdnd de"s oheon untihe w mo dhansehe walfey rougtithat wpeecoan en, coue,inlf t ugat budect whic, doesouothg expt t exode e de.udt e f t tictesthex b. mextione de hipeop cal fdp t thegang m sixon hi opndayal a saheng rry ix up wiay a esa ant y esn'veni ist e tel yt hofict naln'en telbama y -cald plho is.ctl >>ret:re docra hapma th alpls. th? >> >>t:hy b dng araapplan tha doest extht. bre are>>emoc bts h appyanha wi thitoda es ex>> ihinkhe peec rereoc w hy a wi hi daeech o is inkbaseec no w one ch elsse whate w sayneg i i'm real leme how yat way i tha'm
6:56 pm
malsmith le wu on y ts, posiha any ral h cu and on t i'm siny r cumarnd eugh a pr'mend i'm cuterndar eh a fici preducd'm a wout acro theaisl ci iucdid awo i rohe sl08. i c gd awwith it. . m cler. c g showwou hth ian it. do i t icl. hal e spowch a h run t. all e w un l ihe i eleional sp a daun neear. l wn ledemanguinryannd dane prr.endi 'm main aan cprntridi. >> hr itorull a clion. cbillrilint pul d tha hitll ll clinton.such llbettntul thha bark oba a th con hgame tt thais ifo the arob st a tuhdas one meof our ha o ihe p . getsstnu eremeneur o meove ts e itme got callato anksdad. mveitotalto ksd. th is e nehborod. yoget m stet and u gemaintree ths neor. yot st d gein ee thanyou. d th jus thfirsquarr. anu. th youusant slidth rs youaroffi ? or mkey rs, therne. out id oufi my , er .moremallusinses oose vezon rele thanreny oller inwires ss cserierve n le ere'susi? an she oxpec ng yre ? cer e'si caushetheyecnow y
6:57 pm
the all sine withhe bt te nolous eyruws. e l ne th btelo ru [ mae anunce ] is i thetory of d deoit eti newetro . maance ihery f det tiewro he sry por aneffiency s poivinantogefier, cy broers, derhe se ro. inge, ros, er sro t's clasc ta of bestn cls v6ngin s asta f stclv6in wita morn 29mileper-llonwist itmo 29ler-onst his theotority. s heory. anthiss wh wedo. aniswhwe.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
>>ret:inal tonht, st stt wi thi whithouscorrpondt mi >> t:anuealhason, autrizestthiswihi itusrrndmi cker he i gettueg sse putsonazeis grming aerice, itt s appentlfrom pna onlateight grng sho a e, wha ispptl mikoms onteestht lk?ho rephat, ys decike.t l ep yec fe. let ustel y f our t


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